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    Lane departure off by default when starting.

    Can lane departure system be turned off by default when starting the T7 hybrid? I want the lane departure warning system to be turned off when driving in the city, which is most of the time, and only use when driving on the highway. Currently I turn it off each time. Thank you for your response.
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    Roof bars

    Mine is a long overhang, and has 6 fixed attachment points, so could accept 2 or 3 bars on the roof. As I said, they're fixed, so the bars cannot be moved front and back. As a consequence the big roof box I have cannot be used without some retrofitting or drilling new holes into it, but I will...
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    Shifter question

    hi. What is the function of the first stop vs full stop when pushing the shifter lever up or down? I never notice any difference, for example when shifting between D and S while while stop or while driving, or when putting into reverse. Both directions have a first and full stop for the lever...