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    Why are you planning to buy a Multivan T7?

    I've 3 kids now getting to ages that leave them cramped across the rear of my octavia... that and the fights that break out sometimes mean I hanker for an mpv. I don't like the lack of space in 7 seat suvs and even people carriers like the galaxy have big limitations on luggage so the size and...
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    Volkswagen Multivan T7 tinting

    What is the factory oem window tint like? Dark enough? I've seen conflicting comments about the panoramic roof with several suggesting it's not dark enough on a sunny day, but haven't seen much said about the windows. 9
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    Middle row

    Yes it is possible. Go to 6.30 and he shows removing the arm rests on the middle row seats and sliding the middle seat forward to the middle row. I presume the van could be an 8 seater IF you could get another middle seat, but can't confirm that.