Big problem


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May 5, 2023
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I bought a multivan delivery end of Febr 2023. My complete infotainment system crashed 3 weeks ago. The garage is not able to repair it and let me know that it will take another 3 weeks to get the necessary spare parts to fix it.
I got an ugly Caddy as replacement car. I bought the multivan for its cargo space and 7 seats to use it for recreational purposes (mountbiking, skiing, weekend trips with friends...).
The VW mobility guarantee is one big disaster.

I AM "VERY VERY VERY" disappointed about the very bad service of VW and the total lack of willingness to solve the problem. An "2 month new" car which cannot be repaired within a reasonable time (3 weeks already and probable 3 more) ................ and a replacement vehicle which is in no way comparable and usable as the bought car.

I would like to have my money back.