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Mar 3, 2024
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We've had our 2020 T7 2.0 TSI Long for about a month now. Bought it used from a VW Commercial dealer. 8,000 miles when we got it, not had any issues yet but that could be because it has been owned by VW since new so they've fixed things.
This is our first VW, first van of any sort. Previous 20 years we have had Audis.
Loving the Multivan. It is a six seat version and the first thing was to take take 2 seats out - well that was easy!
Then get rubber floor mats. Then fasten the dog cage to the movable tie downs. Now I'm trying to source more tie downs and discover that:
1. The rails are different to all earlier versions so you cannot use existing tie downs
2. No one is making commercially /generally available alternatives to the genuine ones
3. VW Commercial dealers don't understand what customer services means
4. The tie downs are available in Germany but no retailers ship to the UK since Brexit

But I still love the T7 so will persevere